...and The Dinner Costs 1500CHF

"Oh! Surprise, Surprise and Surprise "

“ It is unbelievable”

“Things happen sometimes here in restaurants”

“Oh Shiva ! What happened with you?”

“Ohh, even in Zurich?"

“I am very sorry to know” 

and …….

A restaurant where bad thing happened
Yes, I kindly got several words when surprisingly my rucksack with Laptop, important diaries, and other accessories was stolen from a local restaurant “Markthalle les halles Restaurant”, located inPfingsweidstr.6, Hardbrücke, 8005 Zurich.

In that day (30.01.2014), I was attending GDC symposium, organized by Genetic Diversity Center, ETH  Zurich- where I delivered presentation on my research work. It was very nice experience  in sharing findings and to listen their scientific works from other researchers.

After joining an Apero offered by the organizer, we (with other nine colleagues from my institute, WSL) had gone out in a restaurant (Markthalle les halles )for a dinner. I was overwhelmed by the traditional style of bar (which I have seen in old English movies) and music from the corners. The way how they are using old bicycles for the decoration and all those old stuffs – concept is good. We were sitting, chatting and enjoying our dinner. I ordered special pasta and a drink. We spent almost three hours in a restaurant . It was fun. Then - good bye time. As we were planning to leave, I noticed that my bag was not there (nearby my chair). Surprised.

We (along with Carolina, Christian) were there at the end and searched around. But no any symptoms of getting back. Carolina asked a receptionist, and he said no way. “If there is something found- I will collect and you may visit tomorrow”. But tomorrow never comes. I guess, things were stolen while I was away for a rest room. We found that , a receptionist was also not serious about our issue, he was simply saying like “ It is common in his restaurant”.

Next day, I heard similar story from a young lady, who is also working in our institute. Her cash and cell phone were stolen in a same restaurant few weeks before. I am sure, we are not visiting that restaurant again and , neither recommending others.

That day was really tragic day. Along with laptop, also lost three expensive keys and that night even I could not go to my guest house. Colleague Christian invited me to join with him, and I am ever thankful to him.

With the help of Carolina, I have registered complain at Birmensdorf Police Station, nearby Zurich with the hope that I could get things back. Now, as a student, this is great loss for me. I lost around 1500 CHF; and till date, I have not received any news neither from Police nor from Lost and Found office. So, sad.

For the first time in my life, I was visiting police station. Since last couple of years I am travelling around like in India, China, Thailand, Germany….but now I am having very bad experience here in Zurich. 

One more Lesson learned, “Though Zurich is considered as exceptionally safe place, we should take care of our belongings. Do not overestimate the security system and underestimate the human behavior”.

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