Boat Riding on the Beautiful Lake of Zurich, Switzerland

Many of my colleagues at WSL (Where I am doing lab works for my degree) suggested me to visit Zurich lake and perceive the experience of boat riding. So, why not. Lets try and have lots of fun! We decided. Together with my mates, Sanjeev Dai and Jyoti jee - we three reached Burkliplatz, in the bank of Zurich Lake.

So excited, we got tickets for boat riding and started from 16:00 h. It was for short visit - means only for one and twenty five minutes. Though it was for short, we enjoyed alots. Here are some pictures (not so bad..taken by my mobile), hope these all will be interesting to all my blog readers.

(More details about time table, prices, special offers, special programme on special days are available on http://www.zsg.ch/en_home.html. It is better to organized and be prepared accordingly before visiting Zurich Lake for the boat riding)

Zurich Lake - Now boat is almost ready to move
View from Boat, Surroundings of Zurich Lake

Zurich lake and National Flag of Switzerland
What a lovely scenario..around Zurich Lake

Swiss houses, their design and surroundings

This is why Zurich is calm city

Another Boat - Zurich Lake 

It was really nice trip; Thnx Jyoti jii for the snap

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