Attractive Mushrooms With Skirt Under the Cap : Phallus indusiatus from Nepal Himalaya

In last September 2012, for the first time I got this very interesting mushrooms during my excursion period. Though it is previously reported, I was desperately looking forward to find this and alike species since long back. Scientifically it is called Phallus indusiatus and locally called as Jaali Chyau. I was lucky enough to find it in Chekampaar, Tsum Valley, Manaslu Conservation Area, Gorkha, Nepal.

Phallus indusiatus @ Shiva Devkota
Mushrooms from Chekampaar, Tsum Valley, Manaslu, Nepal

Some Interesting facts about this mushrooms:

In eastern Asia, this mushrooms is considered a delicacy and an aphrodisiac.

In the time of China's Dynasty, the species was collected and sent to the Imperial Palaces of Yunnan Province to satisfy the appeite.

The Hong Kong price for a kilogram of dried mushrooms reached around US $770 in 1982.

Advances in cultivation have made the fungus cheaper and more widely available and and additional advances led to it dropping further to US$ 10-20.

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